Here you can find all kind of information about our work: who we are, what we believe, what our mission and vision is and how everything started with one man and his family distributing meals in a park in Athens in 2001.


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Our Team

Our team consists of our long-term co-workers (>2 years) and several short-term volunteers (1 month - 1 year).


Here you get a quick overview about the people and their functions.


Our Leadership TEAM

Mark Michalsky


Dorothee Spindler 

Felix Marquardt 

Our LONG-TERM CO-WORKERS (8 People at the moment)

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our international short-term volunteers


Every year we have some volunteers from Germany and countries from all over the world who support us for a specific time, up to a period of one year.

If you are also interested in joining and, check out or "Join us" page!

our partnering organization(s)

Samaria All Nation Church as well as our German co-workers are closely connected to the Christian mission organization "Forum Wiedenest" from Germany. If you want to know more about it, click here: Forum Wiedenest e.V. (available only in German language)

Our History

The first big wave of refugees hit Greece following the US invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11 in 2001, and other unrest in Asia and the Middle East. Realizing this and in response to an impression the Lord gave them, Pastor Phillip and his wife started a first ministry to support these uprooted, homeless and needy people. Initially, Pastor Phillip and his wife started with a “soup kitchen” in the winter of 2001, to care for the physical need of the refugees. In this time, clothing donations were provided also. The question whether the influx of such a number of refugees could be God’s Kairos was quickly answered with a “Yes, it is”! The two-people-team slowly expanded with more volunteers. Perceiving the people’s longing for more and feeling that providing only physical help was not enough, the Good News began spreading in various ways and so the ministry of Samaria was born.

Having started with distributions of food and preaching the Word of God to refugees in different parks, the team began to search for a suitable building to have as a base. God provided (Genesis 22:14) such a building where it was easier to share the Good News to those who were sharing a good meal. 


But it was not just about feeding people. The Bible messages before the meals were translated into Arabic or Farsi, depending on the majority of people present. Other offers, like language courses, were added to the ministry. This created a familiar and more relaxing atmosphere for the people, where friendships and familiarity started to grow and open the hearts of people. Regular worship times started and people got to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. 

In the year 2004, the Samaria project changed into “Samaria All Nations Church”. The feeding ministry is remaining an integral part of the church’s work until today, with up to 400 people fed in a week.


In 2012, a small group of workers under the leadership of Hubert Keil from Forum Wiedenest, Germany, had the first contact to Samaria, helping with a refugee-support campaign. In March 2013, a group of about 20 young Germans (from “Herzwerk”) came for an evangelistic outreach among refugees. Realizing the need for help and support, they have been coming each year to serve the refugee-community in Athens. 

Mark Michalsky, from Germany, came to Athens in 2016, to support Pastor Phillip in the Samaria ministry. Step by step Mark developed a concept for how to make the refugee ministry into a sustainable work. While the feasting-ministry was still the vehicle through which most of the first contacts to refugees were made, the priority was to make disciples of Jesus out of the people coming from a different religious background. Further ministries such as tea-time, German classes and outreach missions to places in the city of Athens were introduced. Through these various activities, refugees could be invited to the spiritual offers at Samaria All Nations Church.


Still today, people come to Samaria for different meetings and activities. Those who are more interested to grow spiritually can enroll in a three-month discipleship course. In this course, people can learn more about the Word of God and get a stronger foundation of their faith in Jesus Christ.



By the year 2020, the Samaria staff had expanded to eight permanent workers, with additional support from short-term members who serve for one year. Others volunteer for some weeks or months only. Our desire is to support the refugees physically, emotionally and spiritually to enable people to better settle in a new country and culture.

Our Vision

Relieve Hardship // Testify Jesus // Live Discipleship


Our Vision at Samaria is:


Refugees find relief in their needs, encounter Jesus Christ through living testimonies, grow a deep foundation in faith and share it to the end of the world

Our main goals are:

  • Relieve people's misery, testify Jesus Christ and live discipleship
  • Help people in their needs, relieve hardship and build relationships
  • A deep foundation of faith will be established within Christ followers through close fellowship, daily encounter with God and the study of the bible
  • Equip people to become mature Christians and multipliers in their communities
  • Send small groups and servant leaders in communities around the world to plant churches and spread the gospel